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Humanities Scholars Seminar

Humanities - Where Ideas Connect

About Humanities Scholars Seminar

This year-long course will engage you in topics at the heart of humanities today, require you to reflect on the purpose of your education, and encourage you to connect academic interests with community engagement.


College of Humanities: Rainbow element

First Semester

Humanities Scholars is designed to support first year students as they explore the humanities. During the first semester, we will start with an overview of the College of Humanities and how that fits into the larger framework of the University of Utah's mission. We'll focus our attention on the various disciplines within the humanities and analyze how questions emerge from those disciplines in an academic setting. Becoming familiar with academic discourse, research skills, and community-engaged learning will be important to our goals.

Second Semester

The second semester will take you beyond readings, as you apply your learning from fall to a project in the spring. With guidance from faculty from across the College, you will develop and complete a community-engaged research project that draws from your developing understanding of the humanities. The semester will conclude with a presentation of your findings to your Humanities Scholars peers and faculty mentors.

Last Updated: 6/29/23