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Year at a Glance

Humanities Scholars offers incoming freshmen an intensive, interdisciplinary and applied start to their Humanities experience. Scholars have first-hand access to cross-campus leadership in the College of Humanities, David Eccles School of Business, Lowell Bennion Community Service Center and Career Services.  Admission into the Humanities Scholars program requires participation and enrollment in all aspects of the Humanities Scholars program as detailed below.

Humanities Scholars Year at a Glance

Admission into the Humanities Scholars program includes participation and enrollment in the following aspects of the program:



Spring Semester


Mon - Thurs
Week prior to Fall semester
Centennial Valley, Montana

HUM 2800
Humanities Scholars Seminar
3  credits
F, 9:40 - 12:40

HUM 2800
Humanities Scholars Seminar
3 credits
F, 9:40 - 12:40

Humanities in Motion:
10-day Internation Captstone Experience


Alternative Spring Break



The measurable is what we know. The immeasurable is what the heart searches for. The humanities are the immeasurable.

―Billie Tsien, Architect

Last Updated: 1/16/19