Humanities Scholars Seminar

There’s no end to the spiritual and intellectual evolution that can take place by pursuing the humanities. -Ken Burns, Documentary Filmmaker

The journey continues throughout the first year with HUM 2800: Humanities Scholars Seminar. This year-long, 6-credit course is team taught by leading faculty in the College of Humanities and explores a broad theme through the lenses of the various Humanities disciplines.

Throughout the year, scholars engage in discussion-based sessions focused on timely and relevant issues facing our community, while considering the role Humanities should play in addressing these challenges. Scholars are exposed to foundational readings in the Humanities, comparing disciplinary approaches to problem solving, and connecting theory to practice.

Spring semester, scholars identify faculty mentors to assist them with community based projects, gaining applicable experience and real world connections. The year concludes with a presentation gala open to Humanities students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Mapping the Humanities

Communication English History Linguistics Philosophy World Languages and Cultures Writing and Rhetoric