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Humanities in Motion

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

–Marcel Proust

Scholars who successfully complete the cohort program pack their bags and depart for Humanities in Motion, an international experience exploring humanities on the world stage.

Pictures and student highlights from previous trips

"This trip was the perfect way to finish our first year as a learning community, for it allowed us to put all of the skills and knowledge we acquired in our Humanities modules to u se in an interactive, experiential  learning environment: the world. This experience has truly humbled me."

―Dominic Hussain, Humanities Scholar

"A key takeaway from this study abroad is that Humanities is everywhere. You can find elements of it on a street corner, an ancient building, a church, a shop, etc. Throughout our time in Rome, we were able to discover many elements in the Humanities that we were not able to see during our year in the classroom."

―Hailey Dansie, Humanities Scholar

"Throughout this year in the Humanities Scholars program we have been mapping the humanities and the different ways each discipline works through problems. I was able to apply each discipline of the Humanities in the ways I thought about what I was seeing and experiencing and that was an incredibly valuable tool to have with me."

―Taya Wallace, Humanities Scholar


"I do feel that this program helped me complete my year as a Humanities Scholar. I am so grateful for the opportunity to go on this trip."

―Kela Bernesser, Humanities Scholar


Last Updated: 1/16/19