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College-to-Career Connections

80% of employers agree that, regardless of their major, all college students should acquire broad knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences.

Careers matter, and Humanities Scholars gets that. While the major you choose will shape your academic life, we will take you beyond the major to explore your personal strengths and professional passions, all the while equipping you with the tools to connect these passions to potential career paths. In the second semester of your seminar, you will learn the art of professional communication to ensure that you are well-poised for future internships, scholarship applications, and professional engagement with the community. In addition to this, your very own career coach will team-teach the seminar.

Career connections

Quotes from Past Students

"This course made me question why I was studying what I was and actually helped me turn towards a focus that makes me excited to be in school again. The tools given in this class will help me in my job search and in interviews."

"This is and will be the most beneficial class I've ever or will ever take. What this class has done for me is the difference of my entire future."

"I loved this class and would highly recommend it to every student, whether they know what they want to major in or not, because it helps you to focus on aspects you truly would love to work in."

Last Updated: 1/15/19